Please remember the school only accommodates two WatchD.O.G.S. dads per day.

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To All Dads

Remember to observe all rules and guidance on the daily schedule. Please do not spend more than 15 minutes in your child's classroom. And, refrain from interacting with your child while in the classroom. Please keep in mind that class time is for instruction. You should be a courteous observer and keep your presence unknown to the students.

Executive Staff

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Ariahn Knoedler
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(303) 641-6166
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Jenny Meade
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(720) 253-2045
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Tara Lee
Stacks Image pp14983_n14978_n16531
(303) 263-7779
Stacks Image pp14983_n14978_n17354
Dana Ledbetter
Stacks Image pp14983_n14978_n16485
(303) 886-5998
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Cynthia Shelden
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(303) 904-0444

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