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Drop off your photos here!

PTA cannot return any images you upload to this website. The images you upload will only be used to create pages in the 2016-17 Dennison Yearbook. PTA does not guarantee that any of the images uploaded will actually appear in the yearbook. Please upload images with the best image quality your device supports. Images need to be high quality as they will be printed.

Please choose the from the categories below to help our staff select photos for the correct grades, event type, and extracurricular activities. There will be similar sections in the final yearbook.

Select among the categories below to add your images to an appropriate gallery.

Need some help?

Show me how to upload photos.
Show me how to add or change the image description.
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Tap or Click on the Upload Icon

You can also drag files directly from a folder and drop them onto this icon. Just look for this icon to begin the upload.
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Tap or Click the Choose button

That's it. The website will do the rest. You will see a progress indicator showing the progress of each image as it is saved to the website.
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NOTE: You may tap on the Delete icon to remove an image. You may also tap on the Star icon to mark it as a favorite.

Tap or Click the Tag button

The tag button will open an entry screen to allow you to modify or add a description. These descriptions can really help our staff place the images in the best place within the yearbook. Knowing the teacher or the student's name will be a big help.
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Locate the Image Description

Just modify the Description and tap or click Save.
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Tap or Click the Save button

That's it. Your image description will be changed.

NOTE: Adding your student's name and/or teacher's name will really help with image placement.
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  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
  • Fourth Grade
  • Fifth Grade
  • Sixth Grade
  • First Day of School
  • PTA Events (Ice cream Social, Mornings with…, Reflections, DI, Craft Fair, etc.)
  • DCSF (APEX Night)
  • Activities (After school clubs, Boy & Girl Scouts, Field Day, Sporting Events)

Executive Staff

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Ariahn Knoedler
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(303) 641-6166
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Jenny Meade
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(720) 253-2045
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Tara Lee
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(303) 263-7779
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Dana Ledbetter
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(303) 886-5998
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Cynthia Shelden
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(303) 904-0444

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